About Our Company

Smart Med Alert’s mission is to supply top-tier medical alert systems for seniors and people in the most vulnerable stages of life.

Founder's Story

Our journey began over a decade ago, when the founder, a seasoned sales associate and master of customer service, saw an opportunity to make a difference in an industry where he had found success.

The founder excelled thanks to his passion for helping people and making genuine connections, making him a top salesman and customer favorite. His time in the industry ultimately laid the foundation for Smart Med Alert, a company that prioritizes the customer above all else.

We believe in treating our customers as family, not just another number. Our products are not just easy to use wearable devices, but lifelines for our customers. When he founded Smart Med Alert, Brian made a commitment to provide outstanding customer service with high-quality products his customers could afford.

Our Values and Philosophy

Our customers remind us often that our service still surpasses even their highest expectations. We're proud to say that our very first customer from ten years ago is still with us today. We're ready to offer the support and peace of mind you deserve. Our team is eager to answer your call, with response times averaging just under a minute.